Why I Use Quokka.js for prototyping?

Published on Mar 11, 2021

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I’ve been doing some learning with typescript, and I’m really liking it but setting it up is a little messy mainly because you have to compile the program into a JavaScript file. And for a simple test I don’t find this convenient.

For example, if I’m doing some challenge for Codewars, or any other competitive programming platform using typescript is completely out of the way. You can work around this using nodemon but still the results are not as good as you could get with Quokka.js.

In my case I have it installed in VSCode and you get to see the results of the code you are writting as you are writting it and in a non intrusive way, without having a terminal opened.

And it’s pretty easy to install, you just have to search it in the extensions tab in VSCode.

To start Quokka.js on a file just type ctrl+k q or press f1 and type Quokka and you’ll see the options.

There’s to be noted that there’s a Pro version but I only use the community, because it has all the features I need really.

Once you start using it, you’ll see your code like this:

code with quokka.js

This is just something I learnt today and felt like sharing :))

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